Kangal Canine: Origins, Bodily Traits and Persona

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Kangal Canine

The Kangal canine is an enormous canine and guardian of flocks.  This livestock guardian canine comes from Turkey, within the Sivas Province.


The title of the breed comes from Kangal, a city from Central Anatolia within the Sivas Province of Turkey.  We solely have sure hypotheses of the origin of the breed.

Some say that the Kangal canine is of Babylonian or Assyrian origin.  However these claims have been rejected by scientific proof.  Different principle states that the breed is of Indian origin and was dropped at Constantinople (now Istambul) however this one doesn’t appear to be supported by historic proof.

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Bodily Traits

The Kangal canine is massive and highly effective.  His measurement elevated because of his continued use as a guardian canine.  It has a giant head with drop ears. The truth that he isn’t as heavy because the mastiff canines makes him predator.

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They’ve a double coat that’s dense and reasonably quick.  This coat protects them from the extraordinary Anatolian winter and from the new summer time.

The canine is available in a lightweight dun to gray coloration.  He has a black masks and black velvety ears. Their top is 26 to 31 inches.  Males often weigh 110 to 145 pounds, whereas females weigh 90 to 120 kilos.


By nature, the Kangal canine is affected person, protecting, calm, impartial, and highly effective.  If nicely educated and socialized, he may be pleasant with kids and guests.   He ought to be capable to reply to harmful conditions.

They’re often very protecting of their human household which they most likely think about the flock they must deal with.  This makes them an ideal guardian canine.

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Caring for a Kangal Canine

You need to all the time present bodily and psychological stimulation to the Kangal canine.  Though he’s a flock canine, he’s fairly people-oriented.  He isn’t suited to condo life as he wants the open to run and put on out.  Make sure that your fence can preserve him inside.

He requires little grooming


As a consequence of this canine´s independence, coaching could be a problem.  This breed of canine shouldn’t be advisable for first-time house owners as these canines prefer to have plenty of consideration.

Enjoyable Information

  • The life expectancy of the Kangal canine is 12 to 15 years.
  • Different names for the Kangal canine are Karabash and Turkish Kangal membership.

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