Pica: Why Does My Canine Eat Issues He Shouldn’t & What Can I Do About It?


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Does your canine eat paper, grime, poop, rocks, or the rest he shouldn’t? Consuming non-food objects is known as pica, and consuming poop particularly is known as coprophagia. Aside from being damaging or disgusting, is that this habits harmful in your canine? Does it point out an underlying well being drawback it is advisable fear about? How do you defend your canine and your private home from his uncommon consuming habits? Let’s discover pica and coprophagia so that you’ve got the data it is advisable defend your canine.

Why does my canine eat issues he shouldn’t?

Pica and coprophagia have quite a lot of underlying causes, each bodily and psychological. These might embrace:


-Vitamin deficiency

–Elevated urge for food


–Thyroid illness


-Undigested articles of meals in feces

-Further protein in cat feces

–Inflammatory bowel illness


-Neurological illness




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As you may see, it’s a good suggestion to have your vet rule out any bodily causes earlier than assuming your canine is simply bored or being damaging for no good cause.

Is it harmful?

Whereas it’s disgusting to see your canine eat his personal poop, it’s normally innocent. Consuming the poop of different animals could be a large drawback, although, because it exposes your canine to potential parasites and pathogens. Consuming different non-food objects can be extraordinarily harmful, as many objects, resembling rubber bands, underwear, socks, rocks, chalk, sand, and string can injury and even block your canine’s intestines. This may even end in demise with out costly surgical procedure to take away the lodged merchandise. So sure, pica and coprophagia each have the potential to be dangerous to your canine.

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If your canine has eaten or likes to eat issues he shouldn’t and he begins vomiting, having diarrhea or unfastened stool, or turns into torpid, you need to take him to the vet instantly.

How do I cease it?

If there is no such thing as a underlying bodily trigger in your canine’s pica or coprophagia, altering his habits – and presumably your individual – could be slightly troublesome.

Crucial factor to do is to limit your canine’s entry to issues he shouldn’t be consuming. This may occasionally imply conserving your home meticulously clear with a view to preserve issues out of his attain. It could imply conserving him in a protected, enclosed space once you aren’t round to control him. It could embrace muzzling him loosely sufficient to nonetheless drink water however not open his mouth sufficient to chew on issues. It would imply spraying bitter apple or different unpleasant-tasting sprays on objects your canine likes to eat with a view to discourage the habits. It means cleansing up your canine’s poop instantly earlier than he has an opportunity to eat it.

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Coprophagia could also be stopped by including deterrents to your canine’s meals that cross by to his feces and make it style even worse with a view to deter your canine from consuming it.

Offering your canine with extra train and psychological stimulation might assist. Placing your canine’s meals right into a puzzle toy can preserve him concerned with his meals for an extended time period. Ensure that your canine has loads of issues to curb his pure want to chew, resembling bully sticks and twine toys (for use with supervision). Bettering your canine’s food plan and including dietary supplements or multivitamins might assist if he’s experiencing a dietary deficiency.

An expert canine coach may additionally have recommendation to assist preserve your canine protected.

(H/T: PetMD, Dogster, Pet Well being Community)

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